Upper East Siders have a new Asian restaurant to try out—if its awesome door handle doesn't scare them away. At Dragonfly, which opened on Third Avenue between 83rd and 84th Streets earlier this month, chef Cornelius Gallagher (ex Oceana) shows off what he's learned on the line and on his recent international travels. So: There will be Asian street food.

Looks wise, the 68-seat space isn't much to write home about. Though they barely look it, the tables are in fact made of reclaimed wood. And the space also has a nice, 19-foot bar, detailed ceilings, and some pretty photographs (you can see more photos on your computer here). But decor isn't really the point. That'd be the menu from a talented toque—Bronx-born Gallagher has worked at Daniel and Bouley over the years. And to that end we can all be clear this is not your corner Thai joint. Yes, they do have Pad Thai ($14.95, served in the "inverted bowl technique") but they've also got Thai Beef Cheeks ($23.95), a pound of Penang mussels ($19.95), a banana blossom salad ($14.95) and Kim Chee Tempura ($12.95). Oh, and there are wasabi tater tots ($6.95), too, if that is how you roll.

Meanwhile, we can't wait for reports of people breaking that door trying to run off with a free cleaver.

1463 Third Avenue // 212-203-5518