Britney, Jamie Lynn, and Lucky Cheng's drag queens at the restaurant; Photo: NY Post

East Village drag themed restaurant Lucky Cheng's is suing Zagat's for a bad review. Apparently, Lucky Cheng feels that it was "libelously attacked" in the reviews in the $10 million lawsuit and wants a court order to stop Zagat from printing any more guides. In preview years, Lucky Cheng's had ranked higher, but starting with the 2003 guide, it received single digit food scores: 8 out of 30 for 2003 and 9/30 for 2004. Zagat says it stands by its reviews. While it will be interesting to see whether or not a restaurant can challenge the Zagat, the foodie's bible, Gothamist think it's a losing battle with Lucky Cheng's. Come on, Britney went to Lucky Cheng's for her birthday, when the last time anyone went to Lucky Cheng's for the food was would be the real news to Gothamist;.