Lucky Cheng's, the self-proclaimed "Drag Capital of the World," apparently does not include the East Village in their world anymore, with the news that the bachelorette favorite is leaving their longtime home on First Avenue in coming months to chase the tourists down in Times Square.

“The phone used to ring off the hook, but as Times Square became a magnet for tourists—we just can’t get them down here,” owner Hayne Suthon told The Local. “We’ve tried back flips, standing on our heads; they want to stay up there now.” She's confident that whatever is left of her downtown clientele will travel to the new location, in an undisclosed space, where they can mingle with the people who "[want] to go see Jersey Boys and tourists from Missouri."

Suthon also took a moment to trash the new development going up in the East Village and briefly eulogized Mars Bar, just after announcing that her fancy new uptown space would have two tiers of drag performances and an all-you-can-eat buffet with a seemingly paradoxical "higher-end menu." Which could be a good thing, based off the scathing reviews of their chicken wings.