During our lobster roll quest, we included a not-so-legit purveyor of rolls: Dr. Claw—the underground lobster roll dealer in Greenpoint. Well, seems the Department of Health isn't really a fan of the Claw, otherwise known as "The Lobstah Pushah," who runs a delivery service out of his apartment, and earlier this week they shut him down.

According to the Brooklyn Paper, the big bad DoH came knockin' at his door yesterday afternoon and threatened to put him in jail if he didn't stop serving his mouth-watering, buttery lobster rolls (no word on if they confiscated the remaining goods). More specifically, the notice he returned home to said he must "immediately close and cease and desist from operating any food service establishment at these premises." That doesn't mean he can't operate from another location, however—say, something like that vehicle Happy Harry Hard-on was forced to broadcast from when the Feds found out where he was running his pirate radio station from?

Until he's back in business, his customers—who he clears via Facebook—will have to ride out the rest of summer without his services. Or not? Allegedly in an email to them, he promised he'd be "conducting business as best he can from his jail cell until further notice."