The people of Community Board 2 apparently do not like pop-up cafes (or gutter cafe's, in other people's parlance). In a blow to the DOT's plan to put restaurant seating in the streets, last night the board reviewed seven of the eight proposed pop-ups that so pissed off the Post (one had already withdrawn its application) and poo-poo'ed six of 'em. This summer the only pop-up coming to the area will be at Local at 144 Sullivan Street.

According to a NearSay report a large crowd showed up last night to express their disgust with the idea, including the former Times critic Mimi Sheraton and Marissa Tomei's dad Gary. "For every one person who spoke in favor of the proposal, twenty demanded its removal," they say. Other notable opponents included City Councilwomen Rosie Mendez (who showed up in person) and Margaret Chin (who sent a letter questioning the idea to the DOT).

"The middle class is getting squeezed out," one resident, 72-year-old Paul Tschinkel worried, as he reportedly circulated a petition calling for Sadik-Khan's resignation.

The next step for proponents of pop-up's will be the Brooklyn Community Board 2 meeting on April 13 when the only Brooklyn pop-up, proposed by Ecopolis Café, will be voted on at 6 p.m. at 121 DeKalb.