The city's ramen cravings simply cannot be satiated so put your hands together and welcome another addition to the soupy noodle family. Mokbar opened at the beginning of the month inside Chelsea Market, offering their own unique Korean bent on Japan's popular comfort food plus some riffs on North American classics like gravy-smothered french fries. The eatery makes their version of Disco Fries ($12) and tops the taters with melted cheese curds, a pork "ramen gravy," kimchi and nori. That should come in handy after a few glasses of soju.

(courtesy Mokbar)

They're also doing ramen, of course, including a Classic ($13) with pork broth, braised pork and seasonal veggies and a Kimchi ($13) version with a kimchi bacon broth, braised pork, more stewed kimchi and finished with scallion. For summer, there's a Cold ($13) version with seasonal vegetables, poached egg and Mokbar spicy dressing, which can be made vegan should that be required.

(courtesy Mokbar)

During the day the space will be grab-and-go, so to speak, servicing the workforce crowd wandering the market for lunch; at night, they'll do a sit-down service with beer and soju. The restaurant boasts an open kitchen for ramen peeping and 20 seat to the lingering evening crowd. They'll open daily at 11 a.m. to lunch with dinner service beginning at 5 p.m.

Chelsea Market, 75 9th Avenue;