2005_06_foodmilanos.jpgWhere have all the dive bars gone? It seems that the down n' dirty watering holes of our youth have appeared on one too many "Best Dive Bars in New York City" lists for their own good - Milano's is a prime example - although Gothamist isn't completely immune to its worn charms.

It seems that to find an undiscovered dive winner (undiscovered by those other than locals and lushes, that is) Gothamist has to grab our MetroCard and hit the outer boroughs. Two faves:

- The Turkey's Nest in Billysburg (Yes, Virginia: A truly divey hole can be found in this über hipster 'hood.)

- KC Moore's in Woodside - formerly known as Shelly's (Where your pint will come with an authentic working-class Irish brogue.)

But, Gothamist is anxious to hear about where you go to get your drunk on. No tales of getting smashed on Cosmos, please! Have some respect for the proper dive and it'll give it back to you in spades - and if you're very lucky, in buy-backs too.

The Turkey's Nest
94 Bedford Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11211
(718) 384-9774

KC Moore's
58-15 Woodside Ave
Woodside, NY 11377
718) 429-8756