Never underestimate the draw of the doughnut, especially if they're the ones coming out of the fryer at Fany Gerson's fleet of yeasty perfection pushers called Dough. The chef's doughnut shops turn out some of the city's best doughnuts, in sinful flavors like hibiscus, passion fruit, and horchata. This coming Saturday and Sunday, however, it's a chocolate explosion with brand new, chocolate-centered flavors taking over the Flatiron location.

Gerson partnered with Belgian chocolate-makers Callebaut to create 15 new chocolate doughnuts for this weekend only. "When I was 15 I travelled to Europe for the first time and it was there, in Belgium, that I discovered chocolate that was beyond anything I had ever tasted, so it's a kind of homage to that," Gerson says of her inspiration. "I'm from Mexico and the chocolate there is delicious but mainly used for beverages, and it's completely different than coverture."

The lineup of doughnuts ($3.50 each) includes White Matcha, Custard-Filled with Hot Fudge Glaze and Cone Bites, Caramelized White-Espresso with Cacao Nib-Nut Crumble, Roasted Banana-Caramel, and a mouth-watering Salted Brown Butter with Candied Almond Crunch.

"They are all obviously made with chocolate but don't necessarily have the word chocolate in in it because I thought it would be overkill," Gerson explains. "The beauty is that chocolate really lends itself to almost everything and you could really do many variations using same flavor but changing the types of chocolate and each would be a completely different experience."

Gerson tells Gothamist she hopes this will be a test run for future takeovers, each inspired by different ingredients and producers, that one of her shops will participate in annually.

Dough Doughnuts Flatiron is located at 14 West 19th Street, (212) 243-6844;