Doughnut Plant doughnuts and Shake Shack's concretes have been joined together to create a doughnut-filled ice cream concoction that's sure to lead to some epic post-ingestion napping. Consuming just one of those items on its own requires taking the rest of the day off.

"The limited edition Staple Concrete features rich and creamy vanilla frozen custard blended with seasonal raspberry jam and chunks of black sesame glazed cake doughnut specially made by NYC’s own Doughnut Plant." Next time Tres Leches please! FYI: They'll be serving the special creation at the Madison Square Park, Battery Park City, Downtown Brooklyn, DUMBO Brooklyn, Flatbush Avenue Brooklyn, Theater District, Upper East Side and Upper West Shake Shack locations only.

The Staple Concrete isn't just a lark the two entities decided to go on; it's actually a clever way of getting our attention to the real other between Shake Shack and Staple Design. The two are releasing a "limited edition product capsule" (huh?) that includes Shake Shack and Staple branded T-shirts and sunglasses (Ohh...). All the products launched today—check them out here. The T-shirt depicts NYC landmarks with the appropriate #brand markers; the green/blue mirrored lense sunglasses, an additional collaboration with Knockaround, are also appropriately #branded.

Okay now shut up and give me that ice cream!

Staple Concrete