It's been six years since Dos Toros opened the doors to its first closet-sized location in Union Square, a lone pillar of burrito solace in a crowded, bustling city under the erroneous impression that Chipotle is suitable for anything other than wound debridement.

Six years is a long time, and we've all grown up. Children have graduated high school and set off for college, relationships have cemented into marriages, and senescence has given way to death. Dos Toros, for its part, has expanded to eight locations, and next week, one more will open at 64 Court Street in Downtown Brooklyn.

Dos Toros was started by Bay Area natives Leo and Oliver Kremer, who drew inspiration for the chain-let from the popular Berkeley taqueria Gordo. "Leo and I see Brooklyn as a sort of East Bay to Manhattan's San Francisco, so it feels like home," Oliver told Eater. This is a correct assessment, though Dos Toros has managed to New York-ify its offerings, with burritos that are both smaller and somehow twice as expensive as their West Coast counterparts.

The new location will open on September 9, and will include a ribbon cutting ceremony and several members of the Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce, if that excites you.