Dziupla, a new restaurant led by the Polish-born and Nobu-trained chef Krzysztof Drewiecki, is set to open tomorrow in Williamsburg at 194 Bedford Avenue between North 6th and North 7th streets, a location formerly occupied by longtime Polish joint S&B. Drewiecki is the current owner of four Brooklyn restaurants, including beloved Greenpoint staples Krolewskie Jadlo and Karczma.

Drewiecki appeared before the Brooklyn CB1 last night to request approval for six outdoor sidewalk tables that will run along Bedford Avenue—a request that was granted with enthusiasm by board members. For the last two decades, 194 Bedford was home to the pierogis, goulash, kielbasa, and potato pancakes of S&B, itself a Polish eatery that served up hearty fare amidst the neighborhood's croissant-covered corners. Some bemoaned the loss of S&B, but Drewiecki assured them "You're still going to get good pierogis."

Dziupla's menu will feature "the best dishes" from Drewiecki's other restaurants, the Michelin-recommended chef said in an interview. Both beef and salmon tartare, duck pierogis, barbecue boar ribs and Amish farm-raised chicken meatballs are just some of the fare being offered, all of it seasoned and prepared to the chef's exacting standards. Dziupla's liquor license application is still pending, so unfortunately patrons won't be able to enjoy a beer with their borscht just yet.

Drewiecki envisions Dziupla as a welcoming place, telling DNAinfo last month that the restaurant will feature "a cozier, more romantic decor with brick and wood, new floor tiles, a couple-friendly environment." Drewiecki and his location's former tenants are on friendly terms, and getting a good deal on rent from S&B was what made it possible for him to expand into the new digs. “I was tired, wanted to spend time with my family," S&B owner Kazimierz Skalski told the news site. "I’m over 50 — not too old, not too young. Now I stay home and relax.” Drewiecki told us that 194 Bedford is "a dream location."

"I got pretty lucky and I'm happy," he said.

The Polish word "Dziupla" translates roughly to a hole or hollow in a tree, a name that should fit perfectly with the warm hideaway atmosphere that Drewiecki has created. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner will all be on the menu, but so far there's been no mention of New York's most infamous meal. There will, however, be an outdoor piano.

In addition to Krolewskie Jadlo and Karczma, Drewiecki also runs Kristophe on North 4th Street and a second Krolewskie Jadlo location in Ridgewood.