220px-Louis_Roederer_Crista.jpgEver open a bottle of champagne, only to have the contents bubble up and spill over, leaving you with a significant amount less than you started with? Gothamist recently learned a new trick to deal with this problem. Hold the bottle of champagne at a 45 degree angle when you pop the cork (which should be done very very gently, with as little noise as possible). Any bubbles that ensue will go straight up, but as the bottle is at an angle, they'll hit the glass side of the bottle and subside, instead of spilling out. Cheers!

Looking for some bubbly? You can always head to the Bubble Lounge, where they've got plenty to try, but don't forget less pricey sparklers, like Cava (Spanish) or Prosecco (Italian), which are often listed on menus alongside their more expensive cousin. We tend to get Cava at Pearl Oyster Bar, a perfect match for oysters and Prosecco at Otto. And the price is modest enough that any occasion can be a celebration!