The first debate is over, your hangover is killing you, Big Bird is the most important Twitter user in the United States, and you already have a much clearer sense where both candidates stand on national elevator riding policy issues. But more likely than not, you already know which candidate you're voting for come November, regardless of who blinked more last night. So if you're going to vote for Obama, you might as well get some beers out of it!

This Sunday October 7th, Burnside Brooklyn is hosting a beer-tasting and fundraiser for the sitting president starting at 2 p.m.—and 80% of your ticket price will be donated to the Obama 2012 campaign. They have three ticket levels to choose from: 4 More Beers (with cheese curds) for $25; VIP Sampler (curated 6 beer sampler, plus one full meal and a shot special) for $50; and Super-Platinum Special VIP Sampler (full 8-beer tasting menu, meal with Wisconsin cheese curds, plus two of any drink on the menu. Can be shared by two people). You can purchase tickets here.