As if The Donald didn't have enough on his hands with his reality show, his fake presidential campaign, and his efforts to be involved with every New York landmark he can, now he's getting litigious in the Holy Land. Last week his company filed an injunction to prevent an Israeli company from selling Trump Vodka without his consent or authorization.

Trump reportedly learned that somebody was pushing his vodka brand after an employee spotted bottles, a website and ads with the Donald's face on it in Israel. According to papers filed the company selling the liquor, Pixel INternational Trade, had signed an agreement with a US company to distribute the drink. Only problem? According to Trump's people the US company they signed with "stopped producing vodka under the Trump trademark because the company failed to meet the threshold requirements."

But wait! Does this mean that people actually drink Trump Vodka? Really? Who are these people?

Meanwhile in other Trump trademark news, last week the legendary hairpiece put in a trademark application for a line of grooming products called SUCCESS BY TRUMP that includes bath salts. The better to stay in with the youth vote, we're sure.