Employees of a Washington Heights Domino's claim they were fired from their delivery jobs after complaining to management about unfair wages. Workers at the 181st street chain participated in last Thursday's nationwide walkout in solidarity with the country's underpaid fast food workers, which included strong numbers of workers and supporters in New York City. Following the walkout, delivery workers—who are paid under $6 an hour and rely on tips to make a living wage—were asked to work extended hours inside the restaurant but were not offered increased hourly pay for their time inside the store. After bringing the issue to management's attention, the 24 employees were fired.

Yesterday, Assembly Member Gabriela Rosa and Councilman Ydanis Rodriguez joined a group of vocal activists in a rally outside the uptown chain, demanding that Domino's rehire the unjustly terminated employees. “Having all these workers fired, not able to bring the food to their families, in part of a season when we are supposed to be able to give thanks and share with others, is really outrageous,” said Rosa. The duo, along with other community leaders, will return to the chain at 6 p.m. this evening and every evening henceforth until the workers are rehired, according to a press release.

Workers and advocacy groups continue to ramp up protests and walkouts to demand a living wage and the right to unionize, which would protect them from examples like this one at Domino's. “The national fast food strikes have brought the industry’s systemic mistreatment of its workers into the national spotlight, and we will continue to build momentum, continue to organize, until every employee receives the living wage of $15 wage that he or she deserves,” Rosa continued.

Calls to Domino's were unanswered; we'll update if we hear back.