Domino's pizza just made a whole lot of friends in the Celiac's disease community—to a degree. The pizza chain today announced that it will begin to sell pizza made with a gluten-free crust (though be wary if you are super-sensitive: they'll still be made in the same ovens, see the warning above). Is this the start a gluten-free fast food renaissance?

Domino's decision to roll out their new crust option comes as, USA Today notes, just as a number of other national foodmakers have begun dipping their toes in the gluten-free market. P.F. Chang's has a menu with 25 gluten-free dishes, Frito-Lay has begun packaging its gluten-free products with a special label, Subway has been testing gluten-free breads and brownies in places like Dallas, and Anheusher-Busch just rolled out a gluten-free MIchelob Ultra Light Cider. Progress! Though we still prefer our pizza with gluten... and from anywhere besides Domino's.