Is Domino's having an identity crisis? First they admitted their pizzas taste like cardboard, then they brought back the Noid, and now they're trying the artisan hat on for size...sort of. The chain is introducing a new line of "Artisan" pizzas, promoting them with a pizza box campaign insisting "We are NOT artisans" (No black berets or wood-fired ovens here, no sir!)—they just have enough "passion and integrity" to trick you into thinking they are. The most ridiculous touch? Each box comes signed by the pimple-faced 19-year-old who made it, like some kind of Picasso print.

As for the taste, well, here's what to expect: A rectangular shaped-thin crust pie ("Don’t expect char or bubbling or anything like that…it’s still Domino's"), with less cheese than normal, in three flavors (no substitutions allowed!): spinach and feta, sausage and peppers, and salami and roasted vegetables. Overall, the $8 pie was "pretty darn good," so who knows? Maybe the chain will replace the dearly departed Motorino in the hearts of artisanal-anything-loving Brooklynites. [via Esquire]