The fair wage battle celebrated another victory this week when delivery workers at a Manhattan Domino’s franchise were awarded a $1.28 million settlement from the company.

The Times reports that about 61 delivery workers participated in the suit, which argued that managers at the Domino's they worked at flaunted overtime and minimum wage laws. The franchisee, DPNY, has agreed to a settlement that will award each worker $400-$61,000, depending on how long they worked for the company.

Advocates for fair labor laws are celebrating the settlement, describing it as a "great victory." "Hopefully it will inspire other delivery workers and low-wage workers to take action if they’re not being paid correctly, and hopefully it will make employers recognize that there can be a significant cost to violating wage laws," Legal Aid Society lawyer Karen Cacace old the Times.

Workers at the franchise complained that the company did not give them lunch breaks, forced them to pay for their uniforms, and failed to pay them minimum wage for non-tipped work like cleaning. This isn't the only wage controversy Domino's has been embroiled in recently, and in December, 24 Domino's delivery workers at a Washington Heights franchise were fired after complaining to management about low wages. And the Domino's employees are just a few of the city's underpaid workers who are fighting for fairer wages, joining the likes of fast food workers and contracted airline employees who are calling for an end to exploitation.