Listen, it may have cooled off a bit, but it's just going to get soul-crushingly hot and humid again. And when it does, you should probably eat ice cream.

Yes, the Dominque Ansel's What-A-Melon soft serve is back again this summer, and it can be yours if you're willing to shell out $10 for it. Originally from Dominque Ansel's Tokyo store, the creation had its debut last year and is now back by popular demand.

Sure, it looks nice on your Instagram feed, but we're really here because nothing is more refreshing than ice cream served in a slice of watermelon. And that's exactly what you'll get: it starts with a hollowed out watermelon slice (think: watermelon pita sandwich), complete with a sweet watermelon soft serve sorbet and dark chocolate "seeds". The folks at Dominque Ansel said at least a hundred people a day visit their West Village location to indulge in the sweet.

"It's a bestseller," said Lyneisha Winston, who serves the soft serve dish at Dominque Ansel. "We're trained to make them Instagram-worthy."

The Insta-famous soft serve is exclusively at Dominque Ansel Kitchen at 137 7th Avenue (not Dominque Ansel Bakery on Spring Street); make sure you visit the side counter to order it, rather than the main entrance. They start serving it at noon daily, and it'll be available until they sell out.

The side entrance of Dominque Ansel Kitchen. (Madeleine Crenshaw/ Gothamist)