Yesterday the Burger King in Times Square that features a Whopper Bar was shut down for the second time in a month by the Health Department. This isn't nearly as remarkable as the fact that DNAinfo found someone who was actually disappointed by this turn of events. "I know it's Burger King, but it's actually good," Fredericé Jones said, presumably as a crowd gathered to dote on and snap pictures of the World's Most Adorable Man. "I come here all the time." Jones added, "I guess I'll go to McDonald's."

Back in December the BK in Times Square was given an "A," but on June 1st the restaurant "fell from grace," as reporter Matthew Katz put it, and it was shut down for multiple violations such as unrefrigerated food, contaminated food that was not thrown out, and flies in the kitchen. (So much for "Having It Out Way" with double the flies, add Coxiella burnetii.) At a follow-up visit on the 14th, DOH officials found that the violations remained and shut it down a second time.

On a related note, anyone remember BK Lounge?