The Health Department has begun rolling out its controversial letter grades for restaurants, and the first high-profile casualty is Katz's Deli, which racked up 47 points after a recent visit found evidence of roaches and mice. That score puts Katz's squarely in the C range, and owner Alan Dell is miffed, because he thinks the scarlet C will stay posted until he's inspected again. "Sometimes they take points off when they aren’t warranted, and that sits with you till the next time you’re inspected, which could be six months," Dell tells Grub Street. (N.B.: C-grade restaurants are reinspected within 90-150 days.) "It all depends on which inspectors come in," Dell adds. "Sometimes you get a rude disgusting person, and sometimes you get a nice, normal person." We suppose the ideal inspector is the nice, disgusting person?