Earlier this year Brooks of Sheffield did one of their regular "Who Goes There?" columns on the ancient Bleecker Street pizzeria John's of Bleecker Street. Yesterday the DOH answered the question: vermin.

As A Fork In The Road notes, yesterday the DOH shuttered the 83-year-old coal-oven pizzeria for health violations. And though the Department has yet to put the reasons for the closing on their website (the last score there is an "ungraded" 25, or a B, that was found on November 25) a source tells us that, with a score of 45 points, "John’s Pizzeria was closed due to a severe vermin infestation."

Still, if you just ate there we wouldn't be too concerned about your health. As AFITR notes, as long as you just had pizza you are probably fine since John's "pizzas are cooked at 900 degrees and delivered to the table hot, and no bacteria or virus can survive that." And anyway, a little charred rat feces is good for the heart!