With the exception of sugary, lime-infused malt beverages, we do not discriminate against what we imbibe. From the lowliest can of Schlitz to the loftiest can of Coors, we rarely worry about pairing the right drink with the amount of cash we can siphon out of the couch the right mood. Yet we weren't sure of what to make of Absolut Tune, a new combination of sparking white wine and vodka. Does the world really need bubbly liquor? It does. Now, more than ever.

Perhaps it was the manner in which we swilled Tune (atop The Standard, listening to a man with a messenger bag scream at his lover through his cell phone) but it was thoroughly refreshing. Tune tastes like your standard, clean-cut sparkling wine (it's actually a New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc) but with a pleasant heat on the back end (14% ABV) that suggests you probably won't be waking up at 9 on a Saturday to do laundry, and you're OK with that. It's not sugary, but people won't have trouble gussing it up with fruit or liqueurs (Campari AKA The Astringent Assassin is not a bad idea).

At $31.99 a bottle, Tune ain't cheap—there are bigger, boxier reds or sparkling whites that offer more flavor for less money (and after all, Tune is essentially sparkling wine). But according to a plaque that we read once on a yacht off the coast of Saint-Tropez, Smoothness Matters, and if anything, Tune is smooth.