2006_05_stagedeli.jpgThe Stage Deli was closed on Tuesday due to various health code violations, including live roaches and food being get at unhealthy temperatures. You can see that a March recent restaurant inspection gave it a 23, and this is no Zagat 23: A restaurant fails inspection at at more than 28 points, so in this case, the Stage Deli passed, even though the violations included live mice, "conditions conducive to vermin" and posters for "choking first aid," "alcohol and pregnancy warning" and "employees must wash hands" not being posted. Co-owner Paul Zolenge said that the deli is scheduled to reopen today, telling the Post, "We had a re-inspection and we passed it with flying colors." The deli was even open on Wednesday, when a manager still served a group of out-of-towners who had made reservations in advance...only for a health inspector to see it open and close it down again.

Harvey Fierstein, whose namesake sandwich at the Stage includes corned beef, chopped liver and onion, says, "All things considered, I've put worse things in my mouth." Touche. But if you want to freaked yourself out, inspections in January and February had the Stage Deli scoring 43 and 42 respectively! And during one in 2004, it got an 80!!