It appears Bushwick's Community Board 4 has been getting overloaded with liquor license applications, and slogging through them has been keeping them from dealing with other issues, like neighborhood security, dog poop and whether or not purple rayon is a breathable fabric. So they've decided to hold two meetings a month to address the applications separately. "We need to address other safety issues in the community," CB4 chairwoman Nadine Whitted told DNAinfo. "And it's unfortunate we've been concentrating all our efforts on one issue."

Then again, Bushwick's burgeoning bar scene has been bothering CB4 for a while now, so much so that they've voted to issue a midnight curfew on Sundays for bars, restaurants and liquor stores that are applying for new liquor licenses or renewing their old ones. That ruling's already starting to fall into place: the owners of Tandem Bar, which has reportedly received a number of noise complaints from the NYPD since opening in 2010, were told they could renew their liquor license if they agreed to closing early on Sunday nights, which they argued would be a problem for them since they make most of their revenue after midnight, when everyone starts feeling so much wealthier and better looking.

This month, CB4 received one new liquor license application; in March, they received four, and in February they received seven, so it's really just a matter of time before SantaCon's demon pub crawl makes its velvety-red way over to Wyckoff Ave, isn't it?