Photo by Sam Horine

On March 21st, the Landmarks Committee of Community Board 4 voted to NOT recommend the Chetrit Group's proposal for an addition to the roof of the Hotel Chelsea. Rumor has been that new owner Joseph Chetrit wants to add a rooftop bar, though they've denied it when asked. Last night, the full Community Board had a chance to respond to recommendation—here's some video which shows architect Gene Kaufman explaining the plans:

Now DNAInfo says they've obtained documents that show the owners do want to construct a nightspot on the famous hotel's roof... which, sadly, doesn't quite look like this magical place anymore—they've been clearing out things since 2009:

The site notes an application to the Department of Buildings submitted in October which asked for permission to build at 150-person "rooftop bar," which would be constructed near ten residences (this was one of the LPC's issues with the proposal). Chetrit and his team have challenged the previous ruling and are attempting to move forward with a proposed plan. However, Chetrit has previously said, "I don't think it will be a discotheque. It will probably only be a breakfast room or a lunch room." How quaint... but possibly untrue? One resident told us:

Yes, plenty of people still live on the roof. LPC will hear Gene Kaufman's proposal next week. Basically, they [LPC] are not supporting the addition to the roof for a variety of reasons. The Board also indicated at their meeting last night that they will send a second letter to LPC recommending that the entire process be slowed down until they understand more about the overall plans for the Hotel.

We have a feeling people will be ordering $16 Sid Vicious cocktails any day now.