The Post reports today on the city's latest diet trend: bagel scooping. Bagel purveyors are up in arms over the trend, in which customers demand the inside of their bagels be scooped out. Long Island bagel seller Joel Baruch said, "They're all making me nuts with the scooping! Ninety percent of my customers order it like that and it drives me absolutely crazy. But you have to give them what they want." The resulting nosh is slightly friendlier to the carb-counters, and leaves at least 50% more space to fill with all that delicious, healthy cream cheese!

One scooper said, "I didn't notice much of a difference in taste. It's just a lot less bread, which is good." But the health payoff may not be worth the annoyance. Nutritionist Marissa Lippert said, "You're saving maximum 75 calories by scooping it out." We're just waiting for the Top of the Muffin-esque bagel shop to pop up in Park Slope.