There's just no better followup to a $250 hamburger than a $100 ice cream sundae, which you're now able to procure thanks to Bubby's High Line. The restaurant introduced its Kitchen Sink today, a 16 scoop behemoth that'll set you back a Benjamin (plus tax and tip and dignity).

So what's this sundae made of, solid gold? No, but it does come with those 16 scoops of homemade ice cream and a veritable smorgasborg of toppings including "pretzels, pecans, peanuts, chocolate chip cookie crumbs, chocolate and caramel syrup, rainbow sprinkles, whipped cream, and cherries." Don't forget the American flag on top, because nothing says #America like 14,000 calories worth of frozen cream.

The trough is meant to serve 8-10 bearers of iron-clad stomachs but they also offer a half-sized "Little Kitchen Sink"...for wimps. The sundae is available exclusively at the High Line outpost at 73 Gansevoort Street, then it's just a few miles uptown for a refreshing $25,000 frozen hot chocolate.