It’s time to get smart on what your body needs to power through the day. The key lies in two questions you should ask yourself: How much protein do I need? and What type of protein do I need?

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Why? Just follow the science.

The Science Behind the Strong

Proteins from milk are the perfect choice to help you power through a long day, keep the hunger away or recover after a workout. These benefits (and more!) come from two different types:

“Fast acting” proteins (whey)—a good choice if you’re hungry or after a workout.

“Slow acting” proteins (casein)—a good choice for long-lasting, all-day strength.

While they may provide different benefits, all proteins from milk are:

- Higher quality: Offering a unique combination of nutrients not found in most alternative protein sources.

- Simply delicious: With a mild taste and creamy mouthfeel, they are easily incorporated into a variety of sweet and savory recipes and ready-to-eat products.

- Easily made: No harsh treatments or chemicals needed—typically a combination of filters and pressures are used to gather these proteins.

Find out how much protein you need!

Whether you’re shuffling kids around all day or looking for a tasty and filling snack, proteins from milk fit into every occasion.

On the go: Choose protein-fortified foods, such as powdered and ready-to-drink protein beverages, nutrition bars and cereals. Remember to look for these terms on the ingredient list:

- whey protein isolates

- whey protein concentrates

- casein

- caseinates

- milk protein isolates

- milk protein concentrates

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