We're now deep into February, a time when gym cards dangle uselessly on keychains, yoga mats collect dust in the front door and new sneakers bear nary a scuff from regular usage. All is where it should be. Which is good news because it's time yet again for Choice Eats, the Village Voice-curated all-you-can-stuff-in-your-mouthhole food festival designed to test the limits of your Zubaz. It's back at the Metropolitan Pavilion this year on March 11th; in recent years the feeding frenzy has wisely moved its operations to a Friday night, as the resulting food-and-alcohol hangovers have the tendency to be beastly.

As always, the restaurant lineup features some interesting newcomers, among them the cheese coma pushers at Raclette; the old-is-new-again wurst sandwiches from Schaller's Stube; and the grand debut (unless the brick and mortar opens first) of Emmy Squared, the Detroit-style pie venture from the team at Emily. Inevitably, the line will be the longest at Luke's Lobster, even though their namesake crustaceans won't even be served.

With that insider's hot tip—plus getting on line early, saving the booze for last and seeking out non-"name" restaurants for the best bites—you'll be in good shape to make the most of your $70 admission fee, which includes everything the light touches: savory bites, desserts and all the booze you can use.