When Jamba Juice first moseyed into town, New Yorkers were thrilled. Like most out-of-town drinks (the margarita, a Starbucks coffee), Jamba Juice was welcomed with a fervor equal to that of a sample sale. They even had bananas playing the bongos, to tempt us! But now, in the winter of our mothereffing cold blast, Gothamist feels Scott Heiferman's Jamba Juice thoughts might be on the money. He writes:

Over the past decade, I`d often travel to California and always pay a visit to a Jamba Juice. I`d crave Jamba Juice when home in NYC. I`d think, "Wouldn`t it be great if there were a Jamba Juice near home or work?" Now, Jamba Juice is popping up all over NYC, and they just opened one very close to my office. But something ain`t right. I`m not feeling it. The problem is: Jamba Juice is California. In California, the staff and customers are California. The California sun shines into the stores there. You get your juice and step outside into California air. Here, the people aren`t California. The staff is thinking: "I don`t know what this California shit is." The customers look baffled at the hippy menu. Take your Jamba Juice out into winter cold in your winter jacket? NYC grit makes it taste differently.

Is having a frosty 'n' fruity drink the way to warm your winter bellies? Or are you sticking to hot chocolate or hot toddies? Perhaps Jamba Juice should look into offering those UV lights, for people who have Seasonal Affective Disorder.

Photo from Scott's fotolog; he even admits to going to an English bulldog meetup sans chien!