Lunch counter in office building, 1957, NYC

You know how in Mad Men people take lunch hours (and smoke in their offices, and have whiskey for breakfast)? Well it's time to reclaim that mid-century mentality! Because currently the average worker only takes 20 minute lunch breaks, and those are taken at their desk (and they aren't even 3-martini lunches). Seriously, Don Draper would never be caught saying nonsense like this.

So now there's some nationwide movement called Take Back Your Lunch, and today it will take over Madison Square Park between noon and 2 p.m. Lunchers should meet at the park area closest to Madison Avenue between 24th and 25th streets to take part—this will happen every Wednesday throughout the summer (but in different locations). Today there will also be a Wildwood BBQ lunchbox special, which includes a pulled pork, beef or chicken sandwich with vinegar chips, coleslaw and pickles, sweet tea or iced tea, and a Fluffernutter S'more—all for $15. (Sounds like this doesn't exactly fit with the campaign to not have a heart attack by age 45).