Courtesy of Do or Dine

Breakfast for dinner is in the culinary zeitgeist, and luckily, the act of eating morningtime foods at nighttime has extended beyond the cereal bowl or all night diner. While in the past pancakes may have been on top, waffles are now sweeping the nation (unsubstantiated!)—this week MSNBC even offered up an entire selection from various cities. And while we may be drooling over one Chicago plate (fried soft-shell crab on top of a savory Old Bay-seasoned waffle!), New York City is repping as well. Welcome back, the boys at Do or Dine, who seem to have an endless amount of tricks up their aprons.

Their latest offering ($20) is a twisted spin on Chicken and Waffles, called Chicken and Woffals... as in, organs. If you're daring enough, here's what you'll be sending down the hatch: waffles pumped with chicken liver, topped with a whole roasted Cornish hen, coated in a lip-puckering blood orange sauce, and topped with a scoop of chicken liver. What, no bacon?