For more than a few years chefs have been quietly toying with one of the great culinary combinations: foie gras and doughnuts. But finding a place where you could with any consistently find that so-silly-it-works delight was never simple. Now all you have to do is go to Bed-Stuy. The two-month-old "American izakaya" Do or Dine is doing its best to have the liver delight on its menu Wednesday through Saturday.

In its short life Do or Dine, a decidedly low-key 40-seat fine dinning establishment from vets of the Modern, has already made clear it takes its food seriously—but not so serious it can't laugh about it. How else can you explain the name? Or a menu that includes "A Fish and Some Chips" dish made up of a whole fried fish and some fries? So it isn't really surprising that the joint, whose owners are all in their late 20s, teamed up with nearby doughnut mecca Dough (where the doughnuts are so good they can get you a ticket) to produce their foie gras-filled fried wonders.

The sugar dusted fun bombs run $11 a pop and have been going quick. To paraphrase a recent tweet: "heaven is real, it is on Bedford Avenue and it makes fois gras doughnuts."

1108 Bedford Avenue, Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn // 718-684-2290