2005_03_food_tonydivebars.jpgWell, the weekend's rolling around again, and thankfully this issue of Time Out New York has rounded up some of the city's finest dive bars. Gothamist loves dive bars, particulary those with good jukeboxes. TONY lists some of our divey faves, including International Bar, Holiday Cocktail Lounge, Siberia (although we liked the old one better), Bellevue Bar, and The Stoned Crow (which isn't really that divey, in our humble opinion), but seems to have forgotten an old standby -- the Mars Bar. We once had the pleasure of seeing a patron puke on the on the bar there only to be followed by the bartender cleaning it up with a mop. Now that's a dive.

What are your favorite dive bars?

Looking for some suggestions? Even though they're not all dives, Manhattan Transfer has a great list of 240 bars below 14th Street.