2005_03_food_deliverymenus.jpgOne of the top reasons we'll never leave New York? Delivery. We're not talking about standard, run-of-the mill options that might be available in the rest of the country -- we're talking about delivery. Not "pizza or Chinese?" but "sushi, Indian, or Dominican?" New York is a delivery town, and today's Times highlights the bounty we have that can be whisked to our doors, and even provides a guide of their picks for the best delivery in a handful of neighborhoods, including the East Village, Harlem, Astoria, and Park Slope, among others. The Times gives a shout-out to Menupages, one of Gothamist's favorite resources for on-line menus, which comes in extremely handy if you can't seem to find that pesky delivery menu in your kitchen drawer.

Delivery is fantastic on busy weeknights, especially when we don't even have our time-saver meals in the fridge, and is our absolute savior on hungover weekends when the thought of even scrambling an egg seems overwhelming. Okay, folks, let's hear it -- what's your favorite neighborhood delivery? Don't forget to tell us your neighborhood!