The New York Times reports that many restaurants will be having blackout anniversary parties:

That night, Mr. Bashy, chef and owner of the Minnow in Park Slope, sold 67 meals - for a Thursday, he said, slightly higher than normal - in a dining room that seats 40.

To commemorate the blackout anniversary on Saturday, Mr. Bashy is firing up the grill once again. Other restaurant owners with similar tales of resilience are going as far as turning off the lights - this time, though, they are keeping the air-conditioning and refrigerators running.

We already know through the Food Section and our own Vittles Vamp that Palmira's is hosting a blackout party this Saturday, and the Times also mentions that Deux Amis is recreating the evening by illuminating their house with candles that night. If you know of other restaurants commemorating the blackout in any way, let us know.

During last year's blackout, we ended up at Corner Bistro, assuming that the gas grill would still be in operation. The grill was fired up and the beer was cold -- a perfect night despite the lack of air conditioning. Where did you eat and how was your experience?

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