Speaking of things waiters should "never" do, here's something a diner should never do: throw your food at the server and threaten to kill him or her. On Wednesday night one Steven Scott, 40, was arrested for assaulting a server at the New York Fried Chicken Diner on Fulton Street in East New York. Hapless waiter Baljit Singh says it all started when Scott came in at 11:30 p.m. and ordered mashed potatoes. After a couple bites, Scott "started griping about the nasty tasting food." So he was given a new serving of potatoes, but this didn't satisfy him either. Oh, no it did not.

Scott allegedly "hurled the plate of mush against Singh's chest," smacked him across the face, whipped out a knife and threatened to stab him. Singh says Scott then changed his mind, and promised, "I'm going to come back with my gun and shoot you dead! I know what time you guys close!" Singh called 911, and when police arrived he rode with them looking for Scott, who was spotted nearby and arrested. He apparently has three prior Brooklyn arrests for drug possession and DWI.

The diner manager sums things up nicely for the Post: "I don't know what happened. Maybe the mashed potatoes were too cold or too hot, but we sell a lot. Sometimes, people want things for free. That's why they complain. We always have situations like that. We're open until 3 a.m. This is East New York."