While you tuck into lunch today, keep in mind that for every five New Yorkers presumably enjoying some delectable vegan food truck fare, one person may not, in fact, be eating at all. That statistic may be upsetting, but that's all the more reason to take action to change it, and a new initiative by 30 Is Enough is making it incredibly simple to do so.

On Wednesday, November 7th and Thursday, November 8th, Dine Out To End Hunger asks participating restaurants to donate 10% of their profits to benefit St. John's Bread & Life, a Bed-Stuy-based emergency food provider that serves over 600,000 meals a year to New Yorkers in need. All you have to do is stop by on one of those days and enjoy food you were probably already eager to eat anyway.

The succulent Steak For Two at Peter Luger? That's $9 for breakfasts and lunches at the weekday food pantry. The 50 chicken wings you inhale during a night of bowling at Brooklyn Bowl? $6 towards stocking the food pantry, which delivers uncooked meals to families who need them. While those numbers may seem small to begin with, pennies add up quickly when restaurants turn tables over multiple times in one night. Northern Spy Food Co., franny's, al di la and Fleisher’s Grass-Fed & Organic Meats are also participating; check back on the website for additions in the coming month.