While getting through a bottle of wine at dinner doesn't seem that difficult, there is good news for those who never finish them: You can now take unfinished bottles of wine home from restaurants. Restaurateurs are loving the law, since it'll encourage wary diners to order up (they make mad margins on bottles of wine), and diners will probably love it because those third and fourth bottles are hard to finish. The Post has details:

New York state law says patrons must have consumed a full meal in the restaurant licensed to serve wine and that the wine must have been at least partially consumed.

A dated receipt for the meal and the bottle of wine must be provided. The restaurant must securely reseal the bottle of wine and place it in a one-time-use transparent bag that must be securely sealed, as well.

The NY State Liquor Authiority emphasizes that only one bottle of unconsumed alcohol can be taken home. Gothamist can only say watch out, because police love enforcing the open container of alcohol laws. Read the bulletin yourself (PDF).

And the the grand tradition of doggy bags, Reynolds Wrap has instructions on how to make a foil swan.