In late 2016, Tim Ho Wan opened the first New York location of their "cheapest Michelin-approved restaurant" chain in the East Village. Now nearly two years later, they are promising that a second location will be "coming soon" to the city.

Eater noticed that Tim Ho Wan's website teases a Hell's Kitchen location at 610 Ninth Avenue, between 43rd and 44th Streets, opening later this year. They reported: "In Hell’s Kitchen, the menu will feature some location-exclusive items, as well as the signature baked barbecue buns, steamed rice rolls, and pan-fried turnip cake, according to a spokesperson. No official opening date has been set yet, though it will be ready at some point in October."

When Gothamist visited Tim Ho Wan last year, we ordered 24 dishes just so we could give you some recommendations (the turnip cakes, baked barbecue buns, and siu mai are as delicious as you can imagine!).