The New York Times reports that The Hong Kong government recently issued a report that eating certain kinds of dim sum, particularly those fried or cooked with copious amounts of fat and oil, should be avoided for health reasons. While this may seem like somewhat of a no-brainer, many are ignoring the warnings and eating the same dim sum they've been eating for years, arteries be damned.

This got us thinking. Even when we're trying to be healthy, we will always succumb to a dose of grease at Fried Dumpling on Mosco Street if we're in the neighborhood. But where can we find the healthiest dim sum in the city? Gothamist began our New York dim sum experiences at Golden Unicorn, but very quickly we found it was -- you guessed it -- too greasy and quite heavy on the fried options. Later quests for lighter, more healthy options led us to HSF, whose dim sum carts are often laden with seafood and steamed dumplings. Where do you go for healthier dim sum?

Golden Unicorn, 18 E Broadway, between Catherine Street and Market Street,(212) 941-0911

HSF, 46 Bowery, between Canal Street and Bayard Street, 212) 374-1319

Photo by John Anderson