While the NYC Health Department is busy running around warning citizens about the dangers of sugary sodas, the bureaucracy still isn't doing anything about diet sodas with excessive amounts of amphibians. Excessive, of course, meaning onethe FDA has confirmed that either a frog or a toad was in a Florida man's Diet Pepsi. No, this did not happen in NYC...yet. According to CNN, Fred DeNegri was grilling in his backyard tiki bar in July when he cracked open a cool, refreshing diet beverage; took a big sip; and started gagging. The FDA later traced the can to a local Pepsi bottling plant in Orlando, but after an investigation "did not find any adverse conditions or association to this problem." And Pepsi insists, "The speed of our production lines and the rigor of our quality control systems make it virtually impossible for this type of thing to happen." So no one knows how the poor thing got in there, but DeNegri's wife says, "It was disgusting. And now, what started out as a normal afternoon in our tiki bar has blown up into this crazy thing." Hopefully for them, a crazy lucrative thing—they are, naturally, consulting with lawyers. (Below, the full-size photo.)