This month, Diet Coke unveiled its latest campaign to get you hopelessly addicted to sugary garbage. In San Francisco, the ads have been marketed toward the niche tech sect, while here in NYC they seem focused on the kind of people who say things like, "for our generation of artists, we realize that we are each our own brand." But maybe it wasn't the best idea to craft an ad campaign design that unsubtly nods toward cocaine addiction, as everyone who has seen the ads has noticed.

Obviously the campaign isn't "You're On Coke." Technically speaking, it's "You're On. Diet Coke." As Stuart Kronauge, general manager for sparkling beverages at Coca-Cola North America, explained to the Times, the campaign "presents Diet Coke helping Taylor Swift and other millennial women and men by providing an energetic 'uplift for those moments when you really need to be on.'" For the Swift TV ad, they switch the phrase around to emphasize, "Diet Coke, You're On."

But for everyone looking at the printed ad from any distance, the stand-out words are YOU'RE ON COKE. And there's little doubt that Droga5, New York, who created the campaign, didn't realize this and giggle to themselves about how clever it was.

If Diet Coke is looking for some new ideas to continue expanding the ads, there's plenty of material to work with.