New York-based PepsiCo might have anorexic cans and retro sodas that Coke's colas lack, but its southern competitor is winning the war. According to Beverage Digest data the Journal got an advance look at, last year Diet Coke surpassed Pepsi for the number two spot in carbonated soda sales in the States.

In 2009 Pepsi had a slight lead over Diet Coke with both boasting slightly less than 10% of the market (regular Coke had 17%). But in 2010 everyone's favorite 29-year-old Nutrasweet source reportedly slipped into second place.

What prompted the switch? The Journal proposes it may all come down to the Super Bowl, which Pepsi opted out of advertising in 2010 (instead it launched the "Refresh Project"). Not surprisingly, with sales slipping, the soda company was back at the big game this year, pushing Pepsi Max. Meanwhile, Coke has upped its advertising for its core brands in the past few years, pushing hard for Coke at the Super Bowl and Diet Coke at the Academy Awards.

Also? With Pepsi in third place, does this mean the Pepsi Challenge should now include a Diet Coke cup too?