So, urban poultry farming has come to this. Not only are New Yorkers increasingly raising chickens in their homes, those same birds are apparently flying the coop like any other pet. Fish gotta swim, chickens gotta cross the road and all that. Which is a long way of saying... Is that your chicken on the left?

According to Brokelyn, that image was posted to the Flatbush Family Network e-mail group along with the following message:

Anyone lose a chicken?
Hey all, a friend called me since I have a chicken and I went and picked up a very sweet and beautiful lady off of 18th ave and 8th st. She has a string tied around her leg, and part of her top beak is broken. She is very very friendly. She is hangin out in my coop having a snack and clucking with Penelope. Let me know if she flew your coop! -Jenn

Good thing we didn't find that bird—we'd have had a tasty dinner just before payday. Which is better than what Ernie Anastos would say to do with it. Still, if you did lose that chicken, maybe e-mail Jenn?