Way back on the historic day that was 11/11/11 (has it really been almost a month?) McDonald's decided to co-opt the impromptu holiday and declare it "Fry Day." As part of the celebration, we read a press release that they would be installing a giant light billboard in Chicago. It sounded kind of familiar to us—maybe too familiar?—but then we got distracted by corduroy and forgot about it. But now that we've seen some photos of the billboard the similarities are really hard to ignore. Uh, is anyone else looking at this and wondering if McDonald's kind of co-opted 9/11 for a French Fry ad?

It sort of looks that way, eh? And—while it has been ten years and as gorgeous as the Tribute in Light is we'd hate for them to be the only "giant lights pointed up in the sky" art around—there is just something about the way that the Leo Burnett-designed billboard over Chicago's flagship McDonald's seems to mimic the famous temporary memorial that leaves a sour taste in our mouth. Especially upsetting since we love the way McDonald's fries taste!

Still, whether the light fries are tacky or not (and the longer we look at them the more we're leaning towards not), nobody need worry about their similarity to the Tribute much longer. The lights, which McDonald's say can be seen for three miles, are are set to be turned off on December 8.