A customer at a Brooklyn Heights Key Food says the supermarket intentionally sold her some D’Artagnan chicken that was old and spoiled, simply by slapping a new expiration sticker on the expired package. "I got it home [on May 12], cut off the wrapping and smelled something wrong immediately," customer Marie Viljoen tells the Brooklyn Paper. "The ‘sell by’ date on the label said May 16. … But the dopes left the original ‘sell by’ sticker underneath it: May 5. Eleven days earlier." The dopes at the Atlantic Avenue Key Food deny this, and say Viljoen is just trying to shake them down.

"People try to make money that way," said manager Edwin Rodriguez. "It’s absolutely not true. The inspector came in the next day, and everything’s fine." It's true—you can make a fortune buying stuff from supermarkets and then returning it for a sweet refund! But Viljoen says she hasn't seen a dime, telling the Brooklyn Paper, "I’m not trying to ‘make money’ off them — I haven’t even got my money back for the purchase. I still have that damn chicken in the freezer.

In April, state inspectors faulted the Key Food for "critical deficiencies" and gave the store the lowest rank possible. But after Viljoen's allegation prompted another insepction, no "critical deficiencies" were found. Still, even the rumor Key Food is selling bad chicken isn't gonna be good for business. That's not gonna be good for anybody.