Since we first heard about Friendly's new Grilled Cheese Burger Melt—which uses Grilled Cheese Sandwiches as "buns"—we've been cycling through the Kübler-Ross stages of grief. Basically, we've just been stuck on denial. Because if we ignore America's ever-expanding gluttonous perversity, maybe it will just go away? But yesterday Chicagoist brought this abomination to another level, and we must all bear witness.

Apparently, this sandwich, like the Luther Burger before it, is not a new thing, and it may in fact have been inspired by disgraced Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich, who's given so much and asked so little (just a little routine graft) in return. According to Chicagoist, this Friendly's product is just a corporate version of the "Blago Burger," which was created by local restaurant Kuma's Corner. The original is "10 oz. hamburger patty, thick sliced bologna and yellow mustard between two grilled cheese sandwiches (made with American cheese and wonder bread). When the burger comes out, one of the sandwiches has a large dollar sign written in mustard. The cost of this beast: $10, but Kuma's is 'negotiable.'"

So we have Blagojevich to thank/blame for this, too. Consumerist and Serious Eats say there are other versions of the sandwich that pre-date the Blago Burger, but let's hope culinary historians just ignore all that and go with the fun version. Because when you're clutching your chest in the throes of a sudden heart attack, nothing rolls off the tongue like BLAGOJEVICH! By the way, the closest Friendly's is conveniently located on Staten Island, where you can safely enjoy all 1,500 calories of this bad boy without any fear of judgment.