“I miss the way [Di Fara] used to be before all the hype occurred,” said Dominick DeMarco Jr., son of pizza mecca Di Fara founder Dominick DeMarco. So to get away from all the glitz and glamor of Midwood, DeMarco Jr. has decided to open his own pizza shop in a quiet town called Las Vegas.

Dom DeMarco’s Pizzeria & Bar is set to open Vegas by the end of the year, and if it's successful he'll expand to Arizona, Texas and California. But could the pizza ever taste as good? Though he'll be using a gas-fired Wood Stone pizza oven instead of the Baker’s Pride oven, he insists on using all the same ingredients. Even the water. DeMarco Jr. has sent New York tap water samples to a lab for "analysis," though we're not sure how he'll use the data to make Nevada tap taste more like New York's.

But will the move be enough to keep away the fanatical New York pizza hunters? Whatever the outcome, DeMarco Jr. seems to be done with Brooklyn, and intends to bring back old Di Fara dishes like fresh pasta and salads, which were favorites before the pizza became famous. He said, "Now everyone wants to take photos. I remember when it was about the food." Vegas: You'll come for the weather, and stay for the authenticity.